Google Reader Is Gone, but There Are Other FIsh in the Sea

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If you asked users of online readers what the best RSS feed reader around was, they might tell you that it was the Google RSS reader. The only problem with this is that the Google RSS reader was discontinued earlier in 2013, due to a declining readership and a change in direction on the part of Google. After it was discontinued, thousands of people started scrambling to look for what would be the new best RSS readers.

The Google Reader shutdown was actually so surprising that a petition was created to keep it running, and it had garnered more than 100,000 signatures. Unfortunately, the petition did not work. If you are still looking for a replacement reader, then consider one of these three options.

  1. Chrome RSS Reader
  2. This reader is also known as Feeder, and it is only an extension on Chrome, unless you choose to pay for it and get the “Pro” version. This reader provides a very simple overview of both RSS and Atom feeds in your Chrome toolbar. It takes its inspiration fr

Your RSS Feeds Are Only As WorthWhile As Your RSS Reader

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Popular RSS feeds are only as effective as the online reader you use to access them on a daily basis. After all, what use are good RSS feeds if you don’t have the best feed reader available, with an easy to use interface and good organizational structure?

For example, you don’t want to deal with a reader that doesn’t update your feeds properly, or one that does not allow you to organize the individual feeds in such a way that they are easy to find. Also, it helps if the interface itself features an attractive design.

After the Google news reader went defunct, online users were left to find other alternatives. In fact, if you are looking for an RSS reader that is similar to Google Reader, you may want to consider NewsBlur. As with any efficient reader, Newsblur is also available as an app for iOS and Android devices. This way, you can easily access popular RSS feeds no matter where you are, on your smartphone or tablet. In fact, even if you don’t have access to the Internet on your mo

After Google Reader, What is the Future of RSS?

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When Google announced on March 13, 2013 that it would be shutting down Google Reader on July 1, 2013, the reasons the internet behemoth gave for their decision to discontinue its still popular Google news reader were a decrease in users and a desire to focus on other areas. Some people chose to read between the lines, and viewed the demise of Google Reader as a significant step toward RSS irrelevance.

Although even the best RSS readers are no longer as popular as they once were, nine percent of web users still depend on RSS as their main source for online news. Sure, that does not seem like a lot, and from the perspective of Google it is probably not worth it. So it is quite possible that Google Reader was becoming an unprofitable burden for Google, while smaller companies probably see the void created by the absence of Google Reader as a lucrative opportunity. After all, there are still over 21 million RSS users out there.

When Google made good on its promise and shut down Google Re

Want the Latest Updates? Three Ways You Can Benefit from an RSS Feed

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There are several advantages to using an RSS feed. What exactly is an RSS feed, you might ask? RSS feeds take updates from multiple sites and aggregate them in one place, using a unified format. Here are three potential benefits to using an RSS reader with your computer or web browser.

1. Get the latest updates

The most quintessential function of the best RSS feed readers is to deliver information as quickly as it updates, in a way that is easy to access and read. For many users, especially those using mobile devices, this can be an especially useful function. These online reader RSS feeds can be geared to display information about specific types of updates or industry information. This could be, for example, a useful way to keep up on tech information if you are involved in the tech industry and want to stay in touch.

2. Find the things you need

You can individualize any RSS feed, whether you are using a Google reader feed or a Chrome RSS reader, to display specific information th

A Googel Reader Will Provide RSS News Feeds

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Do you like keeping up with your favorite news sites? Or how about that blog that talks about your favorite topics? Many of us have several sites that we like to keep up on. However, it is a real pain to open each and every site every day just to see if there is anything new. It may be time to look at an online reader, such as the Googel reader.

An RSS reader is invaluable to anyone who visits a lot of sites looking for new information. The best RSS readers, including the Googel reader, will put all your sites in one place. An online reader will let you set up your preferences for your favorite sites. These readers will list the popular RSS feeds of the sites you visit. You will see links, snippets or the full content depending on how you set up your Googel reader or your Windows RSS reader.

There are many different readers on the best RSS reader list. You can install a standalone reader if that is your preference. Many browsers, such as the Chrome RSS reader, include a reader for

How RSS Can Help Out Your Website

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RSS, or real simple syndication, is one of the best and oldest ways to gain SEO, or search engine optimization for a website. Users will find good RSS feeds that they like or fits with the content of their site. The new information these site sends out will be delivered directly to the user. The best RSS readers will organize all the subscriptions a user has followed and update it regularly.

Say, a person subscribes to a Google news reader, the person will then be able to directly see all the news that the RSS Google news puts through. Best RSS feed readers will check the feeds the user is subscribed to and updates them every time something is put out.

Best of all, best RSS readers are free for any user. Sometimes SEO costs money, but this does not. Anyone can access it on a computer for the benefit of making it easier to find the information you want. Finding an RSS feed reader is as easy as making a simple Google search to find the best RSS readers for you.

Why Website Owners Use Popular RSS Feeds

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RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication,” and there are several reasons why website owners use feeds for marketing purposes. While RSS feeds provide a certain level of marketing solutions, internet users take advantage of popular RSS feeds because they are convenient for staying up to date with the latest information on websites. Internet users do not have to visit several of their favorite sites to catch up on the latest news. A Googel reader is convenient because subscribers can receive new content in their feed. There two primary types of RSS readers, one of which runs from within your browser. The other type of online reader runs from your desktop computer or laptop.

The Chrome RSS reader is one of the most popular readers that internet users depend on. A Googel reader that runs from your browser can actually increase productivity, especially if you work online or run a business online. Finding the best RSS feed reader may be a challenge for people who are not familiar with how a Windows RSS reader actually works. The good news is you can find plenty of reviews online by people who do not mind sharing information about the best RSS readers available. Subscribing to a feed with a Googel reader is extremely simple.

We have all seen the little orange square on blogs and websites, which is the RSS button that a lot of website owners are using today. An RSS button does not have to be orange. In fact, many website owners decide to custom make an RSS button to match the theme of their site. Clicking on a RSS button will bring up the option to subscribe to the website’s feed. By using your Googel reader from your browser, you can receive the latest information and content provided by sites you have subscribed to. There is a lot of potential for increasing productivity by using RSS feed readers.

Some News from the Google Reader Blog

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If you like getting your news online in aggregate, chances are you are well acquainted with google news reader, quite possibly the best RSS feed reader available to date. The google RSS reader does an amazing job of synthesizing all of the most up to date news stories, which is why it has been amongst the most popular RSS feeds around. Using RSS google has streamlined the online news delivery process to provide users with the very best information.

If you are a regular visitor to the google reader blog site, you have probably been able to take advantage of the many tips and tricks it has provided. The google reader blog has been a great site to visit for those invested in learning about the most up to date google reader apps for android or recent innovations in google+ features. A daily visit to the google reader blog has been a must for anyone who likes using RSS feeds.

Recently, however, it was announced on the google reader blog that google reader is closing up shop for good soon. For those users wishing to retain their reader data such as subscriptions, retention can be facilitated through Google Takeout. According to the google reader blog, google reader will lock its virtual doors on July 1, 2013, so you still have some time between now and then to find another RSS feed and export your feeds and favorites.

RSS feeds continue to evolve, and retiring google reader will free up google to further innovate and invent great new products and services. Though we may be sad to see google reader go, we know that there will be other feeds to take its place, and we can be sure that google will continue to come up with amazing tools to help us stay informed and connected online.

The Best RSS Free Readers

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For people who spend long days or any significant amounts of time online, there is little doubt that they would find the best RSS feed readers invaluable and indispensable tools of their trades. People who are uninitiated in regards to the best RSS readers like Google news reader, and the value of the most popular RSS feeds, probably have no idea what the initials RSS stand for. While this may not help them to understand how to take advantage of the best RSS feed readers, RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. As for the functions of the best feed readers, the best RSS feed readers make it possible for web users to receive updates directly to their computer screens. Thus, the best RSS feed readers can save tons of valuable time for those web users who follow several different websites.

Before the days of the best RSS feed readers, in order to obtain updates from the websites that they followed, web users would have to stop what they were doing, minimize their screens, and access directly each of the individual websites that they followed. Naturally, this was quite time consuming and would break any of the work rhythm of the web user. Even worse, it often resulted in a complete waste of time when there were no updates or new relevant information on the websites. Luckily, web users today have the option of downloading the best RSS feed readers online for free, and thus, can save significant amounts of time.

The best RSS feed readers, including Windows RSS reader and Chrome RSS reader have been saving graces to frequent web users, and especially for employees who spend much, if not all, of their days online. Furthermore, there are several different RSS feed readers from which web users can choose. However, the best thing about the best RSS feed readers might be the fact that they are free. After all, there are few things better than finding something that makes life easier and comes free of charge.

Getting The Best Feed Reader

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If you want to find the best feed reader for your device, then there are a few options to consider. Some of the best RSS readers are optimized for mobile devices, for example, while others are more suited for desktop browsers. A Chrome RSS reader may be usable for both platforms, and could also give you the ability to export any RSS streams you are interested in to other devices linked to your Google account. As you can see, there are a lot of options when you want to read good RSS feeds either at home or on the go. The best feed reader will be the reader which can suit your needs, so you should review what makes each reader different before you settle on one yourself.

If you are a mobile user, then the best feed reader will give you the power that you need in a fast, streamlined format. Mobile devices are getting better processing power all of the time, but they also require lighter programming than desktops in general. They also require apps that make it fast and easy to add new RSS streams and feeds whenever you need them. Popular RSS feeds that you access through your mobile device may already be mobile optimized, but the best feed reader can further enhance the experience by making your RSS feeds easy to read on a mobile device. There are reader programs which are more suited for tablet devices than smartphones, and some applications actually work very well on both. Consider what you are looking for with your Windows RSS reader or Android reader, and you will find that there are many great options that could be the best feed reader for your needs.

If you use desktop PCs or Apple computers, then you already know that there is a wide variety of best feed reader candidates out there. Be sure to check those that have good integration with popular browser platforms, like a Google news reader that can be easily added to Google Chrome. You will find that these options focus on streamlining your reader as well, but you will also have better options for multimedia feeds, downloading those feeds, and more. Be sure to review options which are most compatible with your OS before you find one you like, and you should have no trouble finding the best feed reader for your experience.